Monday, September 2, 2013

Olympic National Park: Part 2

SATURDAY 8/31/13

It was beautiful clear morning at Kalaloch Lodge! 

Our cabin, L32 
The view of the Pacific Ocean from our cabin 
Mommy and me in front of our cabin 
View down to Kalaloch Beach from Kalaloch Lodge 

Kalaloch Lodge
Mommy and me at Kalaloch Lodge 
We drove up to Ruby Beach for beautifully clear photos.
We can actually see Ruby Beach between the trees today. 

Joe, Andy, Jackie, Chance, Sharon and Rick at Ruby Beach 
Ruby Beach 

Pacific Ocean from Ruby Beach 

Ruby Beach and the Pacific Ocean 

Family photo-op with Chance on Second Beach near La Push on a clear morning 
Andy, Jackie and Mommy 
Andy & Mommy on Second Beach 
Dad and Mom walking on Ruby Beach 
Destruction Island Lighthouse 

Dad walking close along the ocean’s edge, pressing his luck again. He sure likes to walk on the edge. 

Waves crashing into the seastacks at Ruby Beach 
Ruby Beach 

Joe and Chance at Ruby Beach 
Mom and Dad admiring the Ruby Beach seastacks 
Ruby Beach to the south with a slight haze 
My brother Andy drew a pretty nice house on the beach. Architecture must run in the family! ;) 
Dad and Mom leaving Ruby Beach 
One last look at Ruby Beach 
Next we drove to Lake Crescent.
We hiked down the Spruce Railroad Trail to big swimming location at the bridge beside Devil’s Punchbowl.
Mom is so cute on the creek log crossing. 

I found Andy a mossy walking stick almost as tall as him 
The beautiful blue waters of Crescent Lake 

Joe on the bridge at Lake Crescent 
The water is so clear green blue here! 

Kayakers in Lake Crescent 
Joe jumped in the frigid lake and Jackie was quick to follow 

Jackie and Joe swimming over to the rocks with a rope to climb out of the lake 

Jackie said she would jump off the cliff if Joe would… 
Joe’s turn to jump in the Devil’s Punchbowl in Lake Crescent 

Jackie’s turn to jump in the Devil’s Punchbowl in Lake Crescent 
I had some many knots in my belly and so many people watching on the shore, in their boats and kayaks. 
Jackie’s turn to jump in the Devil’s Punchbowl in Lake Crescent 

Dad, Andy, Joe, Chance and Mom at Crescent Lake 
This time on the way back on the trail, I made sure we saw the offshoot to this cool little point with great views of Lake Crescent. 

Ducks on Lake Crescent 
Joe, Chance and Dad at the lake edge
Family photo-op with Chance at Lake Crescent 
We finished our hike back to the car 

We drove to Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center.
The car stopped going in all gears and had Joe very worried when the service engine light came on. We made it to the top of the mountain. The engine was hot and it looked like a possible transmission issue.
While the car cooled, we walked as the deer grazed alongside the visitors.
The view from the Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center 

Deer grazing on Hurricane Ridge 

We went to the northern overlook to see Vancouver Island (home to Victoria) in British Columbia, Canada & the Strait of Juan de Fuca. 

Dad’s phone notified him we were no longer in the country and was subject to roaming charges. Atop Hurricane Ridge, the closest cell towers to pick up are in Canada!
Mom, Andy and two lovebirds that obviously can’t stand to be next to each other after their jumps in the lake. 
Dad and Mom walking along Hurricane Ridge 
Hurricane Ridge, gorgeous as always 

We hiked up Hurricane Hill for a bit. 

Looking back at how far we’d come up Hurricane Hill 

We spooked a deer off the trail and off into the woods 
The height and fearless deer on the trail made Andy a little jumpy. 
Stoehrs on Hurricane Hill trail 

Rick and Sharon on Hurricane Hill trail 

As we hit the major uphill portion we turned back to the parking lot. There was a bald eagle circling the parking lot! It was only a spec in the sky but it was obvious from the white head that it was a bald eagle.
As we walked back to the Hurricane Hill parking lot, we saw that same deer we spooked. 

Even back down you can’t help but want to take more photographs. 
We drove back down the mountain to have Mexican for dinner in Port Angeles.
With the sunset behind us, we made our drive to Kingston to catch the ferry home to Mill Creek.

SUNDAY 9/1/13

We went to 9am mass at St Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Bothell. After mass we stopped at Central Market, our fancy grocery store to pick up some fresh salmon for dinner. Mom was extremely excited to find rhubarb here for half the price that they can get it for in NC. We bought the fixings for strawberry rhubarb pie.
Dad had a feeling he had strep throat so he went to get checked at the Everett Clinic in Mill Creek. We shopped at the University Bookstore & Pier 1 while he got checked. No strep, just a virus and clogged sinuses.
We ate sausage gravy biscuits for brunch.
We went to Silver Lake while Joe had the car checked.
Lily pads on Silver Lake 

It turns out the problem with the Xterra is it’s an electrical issue. Good that it’s not the transmission, but bad that it’s going to be incredibly hard to find the electrical short issue on the car.
We went down to Snohomish for antique & record shopping.
We filled the growler at Fred’s with Deschutes Twilight Summer to have with dinner.
Joe smoked the salmon while Mom, Dad and Jackie worked on the homemade pie crust, pie filling and crumb crust. 

We watched the action packed movie ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ after dinner.

MONDAY 9/2/13

This morning to went out for dim sum at Jade Garden in the International District/Chinatown in Seattle, which is a chinese style of eating with carts of small plates brought around to the tables for you to pick and choose what you would like to eat. My family seemed to enjoy it.
Next went on the Underground Tour in the Pioneer Square area of Seattle.
Pioneer Building, where the Underground Tour begins, in Doc Maynard’s

Chief Seattle statue 
In 1899, a 60 foot totem pole from Fort Tongass, Alaska was unveiling in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, which was actually stolen. In 1938, an arsonist seriously damaged the totem. In 1940 it was replaced with a replica carved by the descendants of the carvers of the original totem. The raven on top looking north down First Avenue. 

Pioneer Square, atop the Underground of the city we are about to go explore 
Inside Doc Maynard’s where we heard about the history of the founding of the City of Seattle
The “crapper”, invented by Thomas Crapper of England was a great addition to the city to have indoor toilets, except the raw sewage pumped down the hill to the tidelands would shoot out of the crappers twice a day when the water level and pressure rose. 
Seattle’s Original Water System was hollowed out wood logs. I’m glad the fire happened so they could improve the system. 
The old rusty steel beams under the sidewalks which are now reinforced I beams underneath 
The underground, the old sidewalks immediately after the Great Fire beneath the current sidewalks above
Glass tile sidewalk above lighting the underground 
Next we went to Fremont for used bookstore shopping, record shopping at Jive Records and vintage antique shopping. Dad found 17 records worth fitting in his suitcase to bring home.
Fremont, the Center of the Universe, direction sign 

We got some gelato in Fremont to combat the hot summer day or at least it was hot to us Seattleites.
We drove over to Gas Works Park to watch the seaplanes land and view the houseboats along Lake Union.
Gas Works houseboats 

Kayakers on Lake Union from Gas Works 
Seaplane taking off

Andy, Mom and Jackie at Gas Works Park with Lake Union and downtown Seattle beyond

Mom and me at Gas Works Park with Lake Union and downtown Seattle beyond 
Joe, Andy, Mom and Jackie at Gas Works Park with Lake Union and downtown Seattle beyond
Gas Works Park 
Next we drove over to Woodinville to visit Chateau Ste Michelle for a winery tour and wine tasting. 

We tasted another of the merlot which didn’t quite taste the same as the one we had at Kalaloch Lodge. 

Dad picked up another bottle of merlot for dinner and we promised Mom to open a bottle of their Riesling we have at the house. The winery was packed because they were having their last concert of the summer that evening. 
Me and Mom at Chateau Ste Michelle 
For dinner we had wine and hot dogs over the fire on the back deck. Jackie wasn’t feeling well.

TUESDAY 9/3/13

It was an early morning rainy drive to the airport to say goodbye to Jackie’s family, the Stoehrs. They got a great taste of the Pacific Northwest: ferry boats, rainforest, beach seastacks, mountains, lakes, historic city underground, houseboats, seaplanes and good times with family.
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