Friday, October 28, 2011


Man now that Joe is home from the Netherlands, I’ve been doing a horrible job keeping up with the blog. Sorry about that! At least I’m only 2 months behind...

Friday, October 28, 2011 

GGLO (the design firm Jackie works for) has a reputation for throwing the craziest Halloween parties. No matter how many warnings I received, the level of decorations and costumes far exceeded my expectations. These designers know how to take their creative ideas to the extreme.

The Halloween party was Tim Burton themed. Here’s a sampling of the decorations on Level A Friday morning pre-party:
Beetlejuice Bride & Groom Ressurrection
Beetlejuice Sheet Ghosts
Beetlejuice Sandworm, Sheet Ghosts
Beetlejuice Shrunken Head Dude
Beetlejuice Sandworm, Sleepy Hollow Scarecrow, Halloween Town Silhoutte
Halloween Town Silhouette
Sleepy Hollow Scarecrow
Nightmare Before Christmas inspired Hanging Tree Skeletons

Alice in Wonderland Checkerboard Floor

Alice in Wonderland Cards
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Food Garden
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Lick Wall

At lunch there is a pumpkin carving competition. It is a team competition with each principal leading a team. The theme of the carving competition were Tim Burton movies. Each team was given a different movie. My team, led by Tom Sheldon had Batman.

Alice in Wonderland team.

Corpse Bride Team.
Mars Attacks Team.
Pee Wee Herman Team.
Sleepy Hollow Team.

Sweeney Todd Team.

Nightmare Before Christmas Team.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Team, winner of most literal interpretation.

Edward Scissorhands, winner of best use of the secret sauce announced Friday morning (Johnny Depp).
Beetlejuice team, the most abstract interpretation winner. Leave it to Bill to come up with the idea to use a real cow tongue.

The full pumpkin contest display after lunch.

Time to Party. Wonka Bar Pinata for the kids.

Chocolate Fountain!
Other Halloween treats

And now some of the costumes:
Me as Alice and Christie as a Sounder's Fan.
Christie W as Sounder's Fan and Kelley L as Miss Scarlet.
Chris D as Snooki.
Tina as Avon Lady from Edward Scissorhands & Kiwon as Pee Wee Herman.
Jerry as Pee Wee Herman.
Amanda as Corpse Bride & her husband Ben as Super Mario Brothers killer flower.
Bill G as Tim Burton’s Brain.

David B as a chuggar outside our office (charity mugger)
Courtney at the Royal Wedding.
Jeff F as Elvis.
Caught Elvis playing Rockband!

Robert M as early Elvis.

Derek R as Jack Skeleton from Nightmare Before Christmas.
Amy C as Mad Hatter
Heather & Amy C as Mad Hatters.
Daniel A as a Man Cave.
Wonsik as a nerd.
Sarah M as a California Roll.
Kelley L as Miss Scarlet with the Lead Pipe from Clue.

Todd as Sweeney Todd.
Tiina & son Madis as a spider and its web.
Jaime as Wendy.
Costume Prizes & Guest Judges (past employees). 


Costume contest winners:
Mark N, running man topiary from Edward Scissorhands winnner of Best Burton-themed costume
Amy H & husband Damon as crazy insects winner of Most Intricate/Labor Intensive (or just plain Best Overall)
Chris L as the Penguin in Batman winner of Most Morbid/Scariest Overall

Good times

Kamikaze shots

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