Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lake Wenatchee Leavenworth

October 12-13, 2013

It was a beautiful fall day to drive over Stevens Pass in the Cascade Mountains for a relaxing Lake Wenatchee cabin visit and to go to Leavenworth Oktoberfest.

We stopped at 59er Diner for lunch & milkshakes before heading to the cabin. 

The wood stock when we first got to the cabin
I love the Adirondack chairs around the firepit. 

The outhouse 
How many engineers does it take to start a chainsaw? 

Chain-sawing time 
Time to refuel 

This wagon came in very handy transporting cut wood logs back to the shed. It just needed a little more air put in the tires. 
Woodsy close-ups 

And now the manly man portion of the show, chopping the larger logs into quarters with the axe.
Joe got it on the first try! 

Joe wood chopping video action 
Jorge's turn! 

Time for more chainsaw action 

Men will be men. 

The wood stock when we finished our afternoon chopping. 

All in a hard day’s work. 
We went over to Leavenworth to go to Oktoberfest.

We had a few beers. Jackie caught up with a childhood Wisconsin friend Tracy after 20 years apart. Her fiancĂ© and 2 friends also from West Bend, WI were great company. 

Sunday morning we went for a walk down to the trail along the shore of Lake Wenatchee.
Chance exploring the neighbor’s dock
Dirty Face Mountain reflection
Lake Wenatchee reflections panorama

Family out canoeing
Cascades & Lake Wenatchee
Dirty Face Mountain reflection

Lake Wenatchee looking east

Cascade Mountains & Dirty Face Mountain reflections
Cascade Mountains & Dirty Face Mountain reflections at the boat lift.

After the short walk along the shore, we finished up stocking the wood.
We had another great stay at the Haney cabin on Lake Wenatchee!

Before heading home, we went to hike the Hidden Lake Trail which we had tried to find in snowshoes in March. It was much easier to find the trailhead today in October. 
Some trees were still down in the lake 

Joe & Chance investigating Hidden Lake

South side of trail around Hidden Lake with Dirty Face Mountain in the distance 
The trees & grasses reflected into Hidden Lake 

Clear waters now picking up the reflections of the blue sky and clouds in Hidden Lake

I love the reflection of the yellow trees
Cascading cold water on the trail 
Visible tree in the clear Hidden Lake waters
Yellow mirror image

Black dog running through the fall ferns 
Joe & Jorge hiking at Hidden Lake in yellow fall trees
Chance walking the water logged tree trunks 
Hidden Lake fall colors 
Reflected tree and mountain line on the Hidden Lake waters
Reflected tree on the Hidden Lake waters 
Chance running through the fall foliage 

We made one more stop at 59er Diner before heading home. Gotta help keep their yearly milkshake count.

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