Sunday, January 19, 2014

Skyline Lake Snowshoe Trail

January 19, 2014

Today Jackie went snowshoeing at Steven’s Pass with friends Jamie and Jason. They stopped at REI on the way up for rental snowshoes. We then head to Steven’s Pass to snowshoe up Skyline Lake Trail on the north side of the ski resort. The entire summit parking lots were full when we arrived around 12:30pm. We parked in a lower parking lot and caught the shuttle back up to the summit.
Jamie and Jason ready to start snowshoeing at the trailhead. 
Looking back down the trail 
Trees on the mountainside 

There was a woman snowshoeing down the mountain in a tank top. I was so hot at that point from climbing that I think she may have had the right idea.
Stevens Pass Ski Resort from the Skyline Lake Trail

Jamie and Jason on a break on the trail 
We climbed over 1100 feet over 1.5 miles! In snowshoes! But the view was completing worth it!
Jason getting close to the top 

Skyline Lake (iced over underneath the snow where there are no trees)

Jason says, “I wanna climb that!”
“Hell, why not” says Jamie. That is why he married her apparently.
Walking across water…frozen lake covered in snow that is 
Looking back at Skyline Lake 
Cascade Mountains to the north of the Skyline Ridge 
Looking south at Cascades 
Steven’s Pass Ski Resort from Skyline Ridge 

The snow formations on the rocks like Dr. Suess’s Whoville. 

View south from Skyline Ridge peak where we stopped 

View north from Skyline Ridge peak where we stopped 

Snowshoe break to have a bite to eat on top of the mountain 

Jason has success to the peak! 
Tibetian flags near the top 

It was much easier going back down the mountain.
At one point I told Jason he better take the sliding path down the mountain instead of going down a steep area with snowshoes on. He took it. See that little orange dot at the bottom. I was quick to follow. 
The dusk light hitting the mountain at the parking lot as we head home 

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