Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Brooklyn in October (0 Months)

October 6-November 6, 2014

Oct 8
Brooklyn’s first bath 
Here's a few photos of Brooklyn's hair after her first bath which was cut short since she decided to pee & poop during it
After Brooklyn’s first bath, so alert 

Brooklyn weighed 3340g at 2 days old, very minimal weight loss for the first week thanks to Jackie's breastmilk milk production 
Oct 10
Hearing Test & Heel Prick 

I am in love with my sleepy little Brooklyn
Baby feet
Daddy and his girl 
Oct 11
Grandma & Grandpa arrived safe & sound today in Eindhoven to meet little Brooklyn.
Sleepy Brooklyn meeting her grandparents 

Grandma Stoehr meeting Brooklyn
Grandpa Stoehr meeting Brooklyn 

Sleepytime with Grandma 
Awake Brooklyn
Oct 12
Grandma Stoehr & granddaughter Brooklyn 

Family pictures taken in front of Jackie and Joes home across the street in the park. Brooklyn is 6 days old.
proud grandparents, daughter & granddaughter 

grandparents, Brooklyn & parents
proud grandparents, daughter & granddaughter
proud mamas

proud parents
showering Brooklyn with kisses
Grandma & Brooklyn napping
Grandpa & Brooklyn 

Mommy snuggles
Awe Mommy, you’re beautiful
Brooklyn, cheering for the Green Bay Packers already. Thanks for the hat Great Grandma Stoehr, Aunt Mary, Aunt Kathy, and Aunt Steph
Oct 13
1 week old
Oct 14
Today we took a short walk to our neighborhood Albert Heijn grocery store. 
Alert Brooklyn 

Oct 15
Brooklyn has been doing great on her first few outings. Tuesday we took a short walk to our neighborhood grocery store. Wednesday we went sightseeing around Eindhoven centrum.
Brooklyn sleeping in her stroller. 
Brooklyn sleeping in her stroller still. 
She is growing up so fast already. She has been handling the outings well so far.
Oct 16
Thursday we took a car ride to Baby Dump, Ikea & Prenatal. Jackie nursed for her first time in a public setting (in the coffee area at Ikea). 
Brooklyn admiring the lights with Grandpa at Baby Dump.

Must be gas smiles
Momma sleepy time
Oct 17
As a family we drove down to Maastricht for Brooklyn’s first big outing and to sightsee with Jackie’s parents. It wasn’t the most comfortable car ride for healing Jackie in the backseat.  
We had lunch at a restaurant in Vrijthof Square.
Grandpa, Grandma, Dad and Brooklyn on the St Servaasburg
Dad and Brooklyn in Maastricht 
Oct 19
my cuties
Oct 20
Sleeping Baby = Happy Parents 
wrapped around daddy's finger
Brooklyn admiring her daddy
daddy stealing kisses
2 weeks old
Oct 21
Sleepy time
Oct 22
Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband and best friend. Here's hoping Brooklyn gives you a day full with lots of sleep & snuggles. You are already an amazing dad & can't wait to spend many more years together as a family celebrating you. We love you!
Oct 24
smiling back at momma
Oct 27
3 weeks old at 4080g (9lbs), 53.5cm long (21"), 36cm head circumference (14"); all of which measurements reside along the average line for a Dutch girl on the growth charts 
Oct 28
I propped Brooklyn up in the boppy pillow to prepare to nurse her and she falls back asleep like this...false alarm, I guess she wasn't that hungry yet
Mom finally tried to take some portraits of Brooklyn.
our bundle of joy

miss Brooklyn
inquisitive look with the camera in her face
working on her blue steel look
i love those little rolls and creases developing as she gains weight
finally a smile caught on film from my little daisy
Oct 31
Brooklyn, my little sushi roll. I could just eat her up! Happy Halloween! 
Nov 3
She has such beautiful big eyes which happen to be a grayish color typically now 
A slight smile for momma
4 weeks old
Nov 4
Brooklyn seems to love bathtime
Zonked out
Nov 5
I can't stop kissing my little sleeping beauty
Nov 6
1 month old and this is the closest we can get Chance to the screaming baby 
1 month old

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