Friday, April 24, 2015

North Carolina

April 15-24, 2015

Wednesday April 15
On our way to the US for a week. Joe’s working in Columbus, Indiana (Cummins corporate headquarters) and Jackie and Brooklyn are playing in North Carolina with family. 
Joe saw a celebrity in the KLM Skylounge as we waited for our flight. He took a photo with Andrew Zimmerman, host of the Travel Channel show Bizarre Foods.

Thursday April 16
Sharon, Jackie and Brooklyn went down to Clemmons for the day since Chrissi has the day off of work. They had a late start. Brooklyn and Jackie took a long morning nap after they had a short night of sleep as they adjusted to the new time zone.
Jackie and niece Cait 
Cait sharing blocks with Brooklyn 

More cousin toy sharing 

Cait touching Brooklyn
Brooklyn holding Liam’s finger 

Liam loving on his cousin Brooklyn 
Liam and Ryan love having Brooklyn around
Ryan & Liam happy to see Brooklyn
Grandma and Grandpa watching Cait play

Friday April 17
Grandma and Jackie did some shopping today. We went to Target and Hobby Lobby.
Grandma and Brooklyn hanging out on the front porch

Saturday April 18
Saturday Chrissi and the kids were coming up to King for the day. The weather was gonna be great!
Brooklyn in her new hair bow
Brooklyn's first mum mum
Video of Brooklyn eating her first mum mum
I'd say this girl loves the mum mums
Brooklyn has really improved sitting on her own while we were in the US 
Ryan loving Grandma's gelato popsicles - before he got it all over his clothes
Beautiful warm Saturday...oh those thigh & knee rolls!
Happy girl sitting in the backyard

Ryan and Brooklyn 

Ryan and Liam
Jackie and Brooklyn
Aunt Chrissi and niece Brooklyn 

Ryan, Liam, Brooklyn and Jackie

How many can we fit in the hammock? 
Tummy time outside 

Grandma with standing Brooklyn 

Grandma and Brooklyn playing 

Cait sharing with Brooklyn. These 2 were adorable together

Sunday April 19
Girls playing with duplos

Cute girls

Brooklyn loves duplos

Grandparents and their girl grandchildren

Cait getting zirberts from Grandpa

Grandma and Brooklyn

Grandma playing with girl grandbabies
Uncle Patrick & niece Brooklyn
Video of Brooklyn sitting for Grandma
Nap storytime #‎dutchbrooklyn #‎cousinlove

Monday April 20
Playing with her food cup
Weekly photo: 28 weeks old (6.5 months) 
We are loving our time in NC with the family 
Cait sharing her book with Brooklyn: Cait holds the book out for Brooklyn to see 
Then Cait takes the book back when Brooklyn shows interest

Cait loves climbing in boxes
Cait also likes climbing in the oven drawer 

Tuesday April 21
Cute girls

Ready to take these kids to the park
Brooklyn's first real ride on a swing
I think she likes the swings
Jackie pushing Brooklyn on the swings
Cait swinging at the park 

Swinging girls #cousinlove 
Jackie pushing the kids on the swings
Video of Brooklyn on the swings
Brooklyn laughing at mommy on the swing
So cute
Girls swingin’ 
The girls loved the park
Cait in her yellow flower sunglasses

Poor Ryan was sick 

Wednesday April 22
Brooklyn and Jackie on the hammock 
 Brooklyn and Jackie on the swing
Cutie in the big bathtub

Thursday April 23
Chrissi , Ryan and Cait came up to King for one last day to spend with Jackie and Brooklyn.
Grandma and Cait 

Chrissi getting some last day loving on her niece Brooklyn
Brooklyn packed and ready to go home and see daddy
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