Sunday, June 7, 2015

Brooklyn 8 Months

June 6/7, 2015

Jackie forgot to take her monthly photos on Saturday but she remembered on Sunday the 7th.
8 month old cutie sitting with her stuffed dog 
Brooklyn look this way! Brooklyn now scrunches up her nose when she finds something funny
Brooklyn’s over the shoulder look. Her tongue is always out now. 
Hard to get a still picture of this little squirmy girl! 
Happy girl scrunching up that nose again 
Brooklyn will be crawling any day now 
8 month old Brooklyn wanting to be on the go, not sitting still for photos

Joe made the best dinner recreation from our time in Tuscany: homemade pici pasta, veal meatballs, pork sausage in a red sauce and garlic bread.
Video of Brooklyn begging for more pasta! This is one spoiled 8 month old.
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