Saturday, July 11, 2015


Saturday July 11, 2015

We drove up to Den Haag (The Hague) for all-you-can eat dim sum for lunch and to enjoy the beach on the 86°F day at Scheveningen.
Daddy and Brooklyn by the Chinatown gate in Den Haag 

Everyone had the same exact idea to go to Scheveningen. We drove by a few full parking garages and the only street parking available was for 30 minutes a few blocks away still from the shoreline. We decided to bail and try again another less busy day.
We went to walk around the town of Leiden instead. It is a picturesque town at the confluence of the Old Rhine and New Rhine.
We parked at a park and ride lot on the west side of town.
Molen de Put 

De Rijn 
Beautiful building with window keystones and red and white triangle window shutters 
Boats galore on this beautiful day in Leiden 
Note the kayaker needing to duck to go below the canal bridge 
Happy momma and Brooklyn enjoying coffee on a canalboat

The split of the Niewe and Oude Rijn 
We crossed the Koornbrug to De Brucht Leiden Castle 
Climbing the circular park paths up to De Burcht Leiden Castle 
Door at De Burcht Leiden Castle 
Brooklyn in her stroller and daddy below in the belly of the castle while mommy walks the upper perimeter 
Hooglandse Kerk from De Burcht Leiden Castle 

Marekerk from De Burcht Leiden Castle 
Pieterskerk from De Burcht Leiden Castle 
The streets of Leiden from the old castle 
We walked along the market stalls on the Niewe Rijn and did a little shopping before heading home. 

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