Sunday, October 18, 2015

Taiwan 2015

Saturday October 3-Sunday October 18, 2015

Saturday October 3
We had an 8:40PM direct flight out of Schiphol in Amsterdam to Taipei. Joe dropped Chance off late afternoon at the dog boarding location, then the 3 of us and all our luggage drove up to the airport.
What do you do with a wannabe mobile and teething baby? Take her on an 11 hour flight, of course.  

Sunday October 4
We arrived at 14:40. We had beef noodle soup for dinner.

Monday October 5
We went to Soybean milk magnate for breakfast.
We had pounded rice noodle dish for dinner.

Tuesday October 6
Happy birthday to my 1 year old
52 weeks + 1 day
Family nap as we all adjust to the new timezone
Wearing her new gold necklace from her grandparents
Birthday family dinner

Birthday cake
Brooklyn and Uncle
Singing happy birthday in Chinese 

Momma and birthday girl 
Blow out the candle
Brooklyn trying a taste of cake 


Wednesday October 7
Today we met up with Matt, Sunny and JJ at the Taipei Zoo.
Kids at the zoo

Jackie convinced Joe we should buy Brooklyn a souvenir from the zoo, a stuffed panda puppet, which she loves! 
Monkeys swinging in the trees

Brooklyn and Jackie watching the monkeys swinging in the trees
Hip, Hip, Hippopotamus
Yay let’s smell animal feces…their choice in displays at the zoo were questionable
Understanding Wild Asses, even Brooklyn’s 
Hand over the ice cream Daddy
Brooklyn by the giraffes
Brooklyn watching the antelope
Passed out kids at the zoo
Daddy and Brooklyn riding the Maokong gondola

Momma and Brooklyn riding the Maokong gondola 
The view from lunch at the teahouse on the mountain overlooking Taipei 

Jackie and Brooklyn at teahouse
Brooklyn attempting to hug JJ after lunch at the teahouse
After the teahouse lunch we walked further by a temple
And then visited the Tea Promotion Center where we had a demonstration all about tea.
Jackie finally got Brooklyn to nap again
A view of Taipei 101 from Maokong
Matt and JJ riding the Maokong gondola
We got a glass floor gondola car this time to go back down.
When Matt first put JJ down, he did a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible move trying hard not to touch the floor. It was hilarious! 
The kids interacting on the metro ride to dinner

We had dinner at a restaurant, Xiang Ba Lao, that served the original general tso's, not the Americanized version. This was so much better! 

Thursday Oct 8
Guang-Hsiao Hall built in 1924 is a traditional family home reconstructed at the National Center for Traditional Arts

National Center for Traditional Arts performance on Folk Art avenue

Brooklyn enjoying the performance 
Swinging with daddy at the National Center for Traditional Arts
There is a tradition in Taiwan on a child’s first birthday to surround them with objects and see which object they gravitate to first. Each object represents a prospective future profession. Unfortunately we had to pre-reserve to do this here so we couldn’t give it a try with Brooklyn 
Lanyang Museum in Yilan built in 2010 designed by Yao Ren-xi who was inspired by cuestas whose roof protrudes from the ground at the angle of 20 degrees and meets a wall that rises from the ground at an angle of 70 degrees. 

Lanyang Museum interior 

We explored the 3 levels of mountains, plains and ocean exhibits. 
Next we dropped by the harbor night market and ate some fried soft shell crab.
We visitied the Tangweigou Jiaosi Hot Spring Park.
Brooklyn walking the stairs with Daddy while waiting for a spot to sit in the hot springs
Brooklyn wouldn’t even let her feet touch daddy’s hot feet after they were in the hot spring
Spa treatment
Seafood dinner view on coast

View of turtle island on east coast 

Friday Oct 9
Today we rode out to Joe’s Uncle’s vacation home near Shihmen. We drove around Shihmen reservoir and the dam. Next we went to Joe’s Aunt’s place in Hsinchu. We had lunch by the cultural plaza. We went to the shopping mall where his cousin works at Hugo Boss. Next we went to the market around the temple and enjoyed some bubble tea. We picked up Joe’s cousin and then went to dinner at a seafood place on harbor. His cousin and other family members were successful playing with Brooklyn when they took her away from her Mama. Her separation anxiety was at an all-time high here in Taiwan. Mom could not be around if someone else wanted to hold her.

Saturday Oct 10
We had breakfast at the Soybean Milk Magnate. We went shopping today. Jackie went for a haircut while Joe’s mom had her hair done.
That was a lot of hair cut off! 
The after 
We could have saved some $ by buying the smaller pack and play 
Playing with grandpa 
We went to the night market in Yonghe this evening
Brooklyn eating shaved ice at the night market

Sunday Oct 11
We went shopping with Joe’s Uncle today.
We had lunch by National Taiwan University.
With great aunt and uncle, Stranger danger 
With great aunt and uncle, Get me outta here!
We had Chinese burrito at home for dinner tonight.
Matt, Sunny and JJ joined us for Chinese burrito night.
Brooklyn and JJ

Monday October 12
We had an early 7:40am flight to Penghu from Songshan to Magong Airport.
On our way to Penghu Island with Brooklyn, Jackie and mom
Penghu archipelago is located in the Taiwan Strait in between China and Taiwan. 
Once we checked into our hotel resort near Shihli Beach and Shanshui Community Park, we left our luggage and took our rental car into Magong City (or Makung).
After grabbing a bite to eat we walked over to the Guanyinting Coast Park.
Rainbow Bridge and Penghu Bay

The sun was glaring but the wind was epic. We applied sunblock to the babies and white people ;)
Jackie finally was able to get Brooklyn to fall asleep in the Ergo
Joe at Guanyin Park
JJ and Matt at Guanyin Park 
The Rainbow Bridge was closed so we couldn’t walk across it. The stroller needed to be held the entire time so I can only imagine how windy it would be at the top of that slope!
Mom, Jackie, Brooklyn, Matt & Sunny at Guanyin Park
Cactus flower
PengHu Bay and Guanyin Park
Jackie dipping her toe in the water to feel how cold. 

Sleepy girl 
Jackie and hidden Brooklyn at Penghu Bay 
Mom, Jackie & hidden Brooklyn at Penghu Bay 
We continued to walk around Magong, down one of its restored old picturesque streets.

Penghu Tianhou or Matsu Temple with 400 years of history, making it possibly the oldest standing Taiwanese temple. 

JJ at the Temple 
Brooklyn walking around the temple holding Dad’s hands

Brooklyn giving the bird to passing scooters
Next we drove to Kueibishan or Mt. Kueibi Recreation Area. At low tide, the rock path is visible between the beach and the small island about 200m offshore. We happened to be there at the right time of the day to walk across! 
Brooklyn walking to Kueibishan holding Mom’s hands 
It’s windy on the beach, but Brooklyn loves it! 

JJ, Sunny, Brooklyn and Jackie at Kueibishan 

Jackie and Brooklyn walking on the beach 
Walking Kueibishan 
Jackie walking Kueibishan with Brooklyn in the ergo across the wet rocks 

Pretty girl 
Brooklyn and Mommy with windmills in the distance 

Brooklyn cheesin for the camera again 
The rocky path
The waters and islands around Kueibishan 

Jackie climbed up the rock face with Brooklyn strapped to her in the ergo 

Hi daddy, we made it up just fine 
Joe top the small island 
The view from atop the small island 

Momma and Brooklyn atop the small island 

An attempt at a selfie at Kueibishan 
We didn’t stay up there for long. The windy was whipping a lot of particles in the air that we didn’t want to blow into Brooklyn’s eyes.
Looking back toward the island shore from atop the small island at Kueibishan
Jackie had a harder time climbing back down 

Thank goodness I survived 
Matt also climbed up the island 
Liang’s at Kueibishan 
Matt, Sunny and JJ walking Kueibishan 
Momma and Brooklyn after coming back on a much wider rocky path at Kueibishan 
Sun setting from our balcony view of the beach 
Our kids took some epic long naps back at the hotel. Check out our little girls bedhead! 

For dinner we had a seafood feast (and helped some Swiss semester abroad students order their dinner).

Tuesday October 13
Today on Penghu we drove north.
First we stopped at Hakusakyo Town, with a temple and famous Banyan trees. 

Dragon column covered in Banyan tree growth 

Jackie forgot to pack sunglasses so Joe had to do some bargaining for her cheap new shades 
Harbor boats near the Penghu Great Bridge 

We drove across the Penghu Sea-Crossing Bridge or Penghu Great Bridge which the islanders are quite proud of but it’s rather unimpressive. 
Brooklyn ready to check out Whale Cave 
Siaomen Whale Cave is where the hole in the basalt rock sort-of makes it look like a whale. 

The wind here was so strong you could barely even stand still. 

Daddy and Brooklyn at Whale Cave 
Erkan village, oozes old world charm with its coral walls, stone walkways and brick facades

Chixiyanpu, which means “waterfall of rocks in Chixi village”, is a rock basalt formation. 

We drove by a lighthouse where some form of Coast Guard had a lot of its property well-contained.
We drove south for sunset.
The southern coast of Penghu at sunset 

Look mom, I found a rock! 
This rock looks tasty 
Cheesing for the camera 

Jackie, Brooklyn and Mom

Cutie on the rocks
Momma and Brooklyn 
Mom, Joe and Brooklyn on the south coast of Penghu at sunset

Brooklyn and Daddy at sunset on the coast of Penghu Islands

Flying high with Daddy
Crawling/walking on the rock foot massage
Beautiful sunset on Penghu Island in Taiwan with Brooklyn
Sunset on Penghu Island 

Wednesday October 14
Today after breakfast at the hotel, we drove into Magong and took a ferry boat to visit some of the other Penghu Islands.
The only seats still available together were down below without a view of the horizon. All of us were real worried about getting seasick. The waves were pretty fierce rocking the boat. Thankfully the rocking put most of us to sleep.
We past some more basalt rock formations on another nearby island

First stop was a temple, but mainly it was for a bathroom since there were not any on the ferry boat nor on the tour bus taking us around the island.
The next tour bus slow down was by some rock in the shape of something. Seems to be an ongoing theme here in Taiwan.
Mom, Brooklyn, Jackie on Cimei Island, Penghu, Taiwan

Cimei coast 

Twin Hearts Stone Weir, Cimei, Penghu Islands, Taiwan 

Mom, Brooklyn and Jackie at Twin Hearts Stone Weir on Cimei, Penghu Islands, Taiwan 
Joe and Matt hiked down the path to get a closer view of the Twin Hearts Stone Weir 

Jackie waving hello from atop the cliffside viewpoint 
The next island we got off of the ferry boat at was Wangan.
Tiantai Hill (天台山; 53m) is an excellent spot for a panoramic view of the island 

Mom and Brooklyn on Tiantai Hill, Wangan Island, Penghu, Taiwan

Brooklyn walking with her grandma on Tiantai Hill, Wangan Island, Penghu, Taiwan 

Mom, Jackie and Brooklyn at Tiantai Hill, Wangan Island, Penghu, Taiwan

Brooklyn walking holding Jackie’s hand
Family Picture in Penghu Islands, Taiwan 

Joe, Jackie and Brooklyn in Penghu Islands, Taiwan
Joe walking along the water with Brooklyn

Joe threatening to throw Brooklyn into the Taiwan Strait 
Zhongshe Historic Village (中社古厝) on the west side of Wangen Island from about two hundred years ago.

Joe really likes these old water pumps 

We had some shaved ice in Magong before heading back to the hotel.
Jackie rocked Brooklyn to sleep in the ergo and took a walk on the beach by the hotel 

Brooklyn walking the sandy beach with Daddy in Penghu

We had an evening flight back to mainland Taiwan.

Thursday October 15
Today we did some shopping around Yonghe.

After her nap, we went to take family pictures in the park near Joe’s parents’ house in Yonghe.
Mom and Dad 
Brooklyn standing
Mom, Jackie, Brooklyn, Dad
Joe with his parents and daughter 
Someone’s got a mischievous look on her face...
and that would be why… 
Silly girl 
A girl and her panda

She learned how to make the American Indian noise with her hand on her mouth, next up learning to blow kisses
Brooklyn and momma 

Brooklyn with her grandparents
Brooklyn, Jackie, Mom and Dad
Brooklyn watching the dogs at the park 
Mom, Brooklyn and Jackie

Tickle monster 

Walking holding momma’s hand 

Momma swinging Brooklyn

Walking with momma and Grandpa

Happy Grandpa
Walking with momma and Grandpa

Brooklyn going down the slide
Brooklyn riding the bouncy spring apparatus

Friday October 16
Joe’s Uncle drove us around again today. First we stopped in a park and visited the Chiang Kai Shek’s Shilin Residence.
Brooklyn and Momma at the Shilin Residence park 
Next we drove up the mountain to go hike in Yangmingshan national Park. First we cross the Jingshan Suspension Bridge to Qingtiangang Visitor Center. 
Walking across the Yangmingshan National Park suspension bridge 

Climbing many stairs on the hiking trail in Yangmingshan National Park
Happy girl on the hiking trail at Yangmingshan National Park
Tree in Yangmingshan National Park 
Brooklyn wanted to get of the Ergo carrier and climb the stairs 
It was extremely foggy around the Qingtiangang Visitor Center. I could hardly makeout Joe helping Brooklyn walk.

Next we drove to Fort San Domingo in Tamshui.
The old portion of the Dutch fort was covered in scaffolding so we couldn’t take a good photo.
The old British consulate at Fort San Domingo in Tamshui 

Jackie at Fort San Domingo in Tamshui 
Jackie and Mom in Dutch wooden shoes at Fort San Domingo in Tamshui
Afterwards Joe’s Uncle dropped us off in Taipei to go shopping in the underground mall for some kid practice chopsticks. Brooklyn is gonna need some one day. 
Next we went over to dinner at Sunnys. Her mom cooked us an authentic Hakka dinner.
We finally took a group photo after dinner.

We walked through the night market, complete with prostitutes. We were able to find some kid practice chopsticks. Hope she's right-handed and not left like her mom. 

Saturday Oct 17
We ate breakfast in Yonghe and took a nap at home. Today was our long flight home.
Going back to the Netherlands after a long visit to Taiwan. Brooklyn is much more Asian now.

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