Saturday, May 28, 2016

Amsterdam with Nyilas

Saturday May 28, 2016

Jackie's high school best friend from Virginia is now living in Southern Spain. Her family took a weekend trip to Amsterdam so we naturally drove up to spend time with them, all 8 month pregnant mama and everything. Sarah is 5 months pregnant with her first, a little girl, due in August. 
We met up to take the Heineken Experience Tour at Heineken Brouwerijen Amsterdam.
Brooklyn was super shy around their family as we waited to go in. We had bought timed tickets ahead of time. I know 2 pregnant ladies decided to tour a brewery. We must love our husbands. 
Heineken Ingredients: water, barley, hops & yeast
Heineken Brouwerijen Amsterdam
Nice copper stills
Daddy and Brooklyn by the copper stills in Heineken Brouwerijen 
Beautiful old stain glass windows in the Heineken brewery
After our beer tasting where Brooklyn tried a sip (since Mommy couldn't drink), she turned into crazy girl running all over the music-pumped lounge room of the tour. Did we just get our daughter drunk off of a little sip?!?
Selfie attempts with Brooklyn 

After Heineken, we then hoofed it up to Chinatown to have lunch because we were starving. It was a really warm day. The duck was a little disappointing this time. 
We then walked a little of the Jordaan neighborhood and by the Anne Frank Huis. We got Brooklyn to nap in the stroller. 
Next we walked to the Bloemenmarkt (Flower Market) for Jackie to pickup some special tulip bulbs for her mom before she comes next month for baby boy's birth. 
Stopping the stroller, caused cranky Brooklyn to wake up. She clinged to mommy, causing her to hold her for a few blocks walk balancing on her baby brother's belly bump. 
Before parting our separate ways, we stopped for a photo of our preggo bellies along an Amsterdam canal 
As Sarah phrased it, "16 years ago on a mini cruise with my grandparents and then now in Amsterdam! Things have changed a bit... 😜 But I wouldn't change it for anything!!! Couldn't resist Jackie Liang!! 😁😁" 
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