Friday, December 16, 2016

Gouda by Candlelight 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016

The historical city centre of Gouda celebrates Gouda by Candlelight, an event with over 80 programmed activities. Every year, the occasion is visited by around 20,000 people from the Netherlands and abroad. The gooseherd and shepherd will bring their animals into town and join a living nativity scene as the beautiful churches present free concerts, and gorgeous decorations brighten up the street. At sundown electric lights will be turned off, and only candles will be lit to illuminate the night in the city centre. The day’s highlight takes place between 6:30 and 8pm, when everybody gathers at the square by the medieval City Hall. The lights in the enormous Christmas tree will be lit as everyone joins in and sings Christmas songs, accompanied by a professional gospel choir.

Joe got out of work early so we could drive up to Gouda during naptime. We parked at the Q-Park Nieuwe Markt. We walked past the Nieuwe Markt where the Navity scene was setup with a few of the manager animals there. 
Backside of Stadhuis Gouda in the Markt 
Gouda Cheese Museum (De Goudse Waag)
Stadhuis Gouda in the Markt 

We stopped at Grand Cafe Central "de Buren" on the Markt for warm drinks and dinner.
Huge Christmas tree & Stadhuis Gouda in the Markt 
Sint Janskerk had an indoor Christmas market. 
Sint Janskerk in Gouda's stain glass windows 
Sint Janskerk in Gouda's organ
Huge Christmas tree & Stadhuis Gouda in the Markt after dusk

Stadhuis Gouda as they lit the candles in the windows
Gouda By Candlelight 
Stadhuis Gouda with the candles after the lights were turned off

Backside of Stadhuis Gouda in the Markt after the candles were lit
We stayed in the crowd to sing Dutch Christmas carols but Caleb was not happy in the ergo baby carrier. He wanted to eat. It was too crowded with the stroller to go find somewhere to sit so Jackie nursed Caleb right there in the middle of the crowd at the Gouda Markt. Brooklyn was also losing it, ready for bed. We manuevered our way through the crowd back to the car. We stopped briefly at the live Nativity scene to see the cows, donkey and sheep by the three kings. We've been intending to see how the kids would handle a late night out where they would fall asleep for the night on the way home. Caleb had a long stretch of crying before going down, but all in all it worked out well. We changed the kids into their pajamas before we drove so we would have an easy transition into their beds when we got home. 

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