Saturday, October 15, 2011

Doing the Germany thing

October 15th, 2011
Today, I took my modest Toyota Prius onto the world famous Autobanh.  The little hybrid reached 193 km/h (117 mph) before it begged for mercy; the electric battery pack doesn’t operate well under that much inertia.  Now, I have a little more respect for the NASCAR drivers, but in the words of Jeff Dunham’s puppet, it’s only “left turn”.   I will give it another try on the way back to Eindhoven.
The first German destination was Bacharach where I rode the ferry down the Rhine River to St Goar.  This trip was suggested by Rick Steve’s Guide to Germany and it didn’t disappoint. 
The ride was just long enough to view the river and the sites along that stretch, but not too long that you feel like you’re wasting your time.  My friend, Jason Wright, has motto, “hydrate or die”.  I really took it to heart on the ferry ride where I had 1L of Bitburger beer along with my self-made sandwich. 
Along the 1 hr ride down the river, I took many pictures of the castles, churches, and small towns along the river.  It was quite a sight, too bad even the pictures will not do it justice.

For dinner I returned to Bacharach, to Kranenturm Restaurant.  Kurt, the owner and chief, prides himself on his sauerbraten (marinated beef with potato dumplings and red cabbage).  If that doesn’t scream German cuisine, I don’t know what does.  Of course I had more German beers with dinner - 3 beers and entrée for 23.
My hotel room had a river view; however, the train track ran along the river.  Therefore, the view came with its own music, about every hour or so. 

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