Saturday, October 8, 2011

Interurban Trail to Alderwood Mall

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Today was too beautifully clear of day to spend just taking Joe to the airport to leave for the Netherlands for a month. Mount Rainier was visible in all her glory from south Seattle.

I decided to ride my bike down the Interurban Trail to Alderwood Mall, 7 miles from the house. I realized 1 mile from home that I had forgotten the bike lock so shopping was out of the question. The Interurban Trail follows the route once used by the electric Interurban Trolley line that ran between Ballard and Bellingham until the 1930s. The trail totals 15 miles from Everett to the King county line. The portion I rode basically runs parallel to I-5 with a buffer in most areas. At major interstate exits the trail dips back into less trafficked residential neighborhoods.
Some leaves are now beginning to turn. The ride beyond 164th St had more hills and strange bridge crossings with minimal bike lanes to Alderwood Mall. We haven’t really gone to this mall much, but for MANY trips to REI.

I’m proud of myself for biking 15.2 miles. The most I had done previously at once was around 8.

I’m going  to be leaving Joe in the dust by the time he gets home  to bike with me.

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