Thursday, November 28, 2013


Thursday November 28, 2013

We hosted our second Thanksgiving in Mill Creek. Joe's cousin Nikki was visiting and we invited our friends Jamie and Jason, our Thanksgiving orphans to share the meal with us. As always there was food and football! The Packers weren't able to keep it a happy day for these Green Bay fanatics (and those Minnesota Vikings fans but we forgive them). Joe smoked a turkey. He also made some gravy. Jamie made homemade green bean casserole and cornbread. Jason made rolls. Nikki made cranberry sauce. Jackie made a pumpkin pie. For appetizers during the game we had brie with jalapeƱo jelly and toasted bread and sun dried tomato tapenade dip.

The turkey is in the smoker. 
What a few hours of smoking can do 
Turkey now out of the smoker. 
Carving the turkey 

Turkey & pumpkin pie 
Beginning to set the table for dinner 
Mmmm food! 
Thankful for good friends when family is half way across the country! 
We were watching the Elenbaas 2 dogs for a few days. Eli loves Chance’s toy bin. 

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