Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Twin Falls & Snoqualmie Falls

Wednesday November 27, 2013

Joe's cousin Nikki came to visit for Thanksgiving from grad school at Boise State. Jackie had to work but Joe and Nikki went hiking at Twin Falls off of I-90 near North Bend.
South Fork Snoqualmie River 

Joe the photographer at the river
Nikki at the river 
Nikki climbing back to the trail 
The river pours down a narrow gorge, creating a waterfall and splash pool. It drops 150 feet creating a photo-worthy waterfall. As the water falls on the rocks, it splits apart making a cool pattern. 
Twin Falls 

Waterfall splash pool 
Top of Twin Falls drop 
Nikki at Twin Falls 
More smaller falls 
More falls. While we were working, they were eating their lunch with this view 

Next they went to see Snoqualmie Falls. 

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