Saturday, April 12, 2014

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

April 12, 2014

This Saturday I took Joe to the airport to head to Japan for work. Apparently he hadn't had enough of Asia in the last few weeks. The weather was gorgeous. It's becoming a thing now that whenever Joe leaves town, we have the best Seattle weather. I decided to brave the traffic and drive up to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon for a late evening towards sunset.

Tulip field with Cascade Mountains and Mt Baker peaking out behind 

Rows of red tulips 
Red tulips from above
Red closeup
Red and orange beauties
Red orange from above
Red orange blend closeup
One funky blend
Surprise yellow in with the red 

Old barn in the Skagit valley
Pink tulip field rows

Pink tulips 

Pink and purple rows 
Red yellow blend popped in a sea of magenta tulips
Magenta rows 

Daytime moon above rows of tulips 

Rows of red tulips 
Yellow tipped red tulips 

Yellow tipped red tulip closeup
White tipped red tulip closeup
Magenta tulip reflection in the rain puddles between rows

Beautiful Skagit Valley in April
Numerous tulips 

Yellow fringed edges 
Pink tulips from above

Sweet nectar 

I ended up getting bored at a big tulip field and decided to get in the car looking one with better lighting as the sun began to go down. I never found a better location. The traffic was still extremely bad so I decided to call it a day and make the hour long drive home. Next year I will be photographing the tulips with windmills and our baby in the Netherlands!
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