Friday, December 5, 2014

Brooklyn in November (1 Month)

November 6-December 6, 2014

Nov 6
1 month old and this is the closest we can get Chance to the screaming baby 
1 month old
Proud mama
Mom in love with her Brooklyn
Brooklyn likes to watch Mommy
A mother's as a baby with my mom & me with Brooklyn at 1 month old #dutchbrooklyn #motherslove #squishybabyface 
Nov 8
Are we bad parents at La Trappe?
Bierbrouwerij De Koninsghoeven
Nov 9
Before Roermond Designer Outlet shopping
It's amazing how much has changed in the past 6 years. Poor Chance has now been downgraded to #2. She's still kinda indifferent to Brooklyn, but she is getting more and more curious in her as time passes
Nov 10
5 weeks old 
Nov 15
A somewhat successful bottle attempt 
Nov 17
6 weeks old
Brooklyn's first trip to Amsterdam today to apply for her US birth registration/citizenship, passport & social security # 

We ate some lunch in Chinatown before heading home.
Nov 18
Meisje (that means little girl in Dutch, a nickname we use with Brooklyn that she seems to like)
The never-ending laundry of a baby...glad she was cute & cooperative today! 
Nov 19
Dressed up cute for playgroup which really was more of an outing for mommy

Nov 22
Mommy & Brooklyn naptime
Nov 23
Brooklyn in her Sunday's best.  Happy 3rd Birthday Alaina!
Enjoying her swing from Grandma and Grandpa
Nov 24
7 weeks old (approximately 5.4g/12lbs weight, 56.5cm/22" length, & 38cm/15" head circumference - She's outgrown her newborn clothes, wears size 2 diapers & shows off her beautiful smile more & more each day)
Brooklyn admiring the view of her nursery from her crib
To all our parent friend veterans, we need your advice. We are trying to introduce Brooklyn to taking bottled breastmilk that I've pumped, but without much success. She hasn't taken to a pacifer either. I leave the room while Joe tries to give her the warmed bottle, but now after a handful of days of trying she cries at the sight of the bottle. Any advice beyond Joe going with The Manary Gland (strap on breast) that Robert De Niro wore in Meet the Fockers which he will not do...
Nov 25
She's looking so grown up lounging in her swing in jeans & Baby Gap cardigan
Nov 29
Brooklyn's ready for today's NC State rivalry game against UNC
Nov 30
Aachen Christmas Market
We bundled up Brooklyn in her carseat on the stroller and hit the streets. 
Soon Brooklyn was asleep as we moved the stroller along the cobblestone pavers through the crowd. 
Brooklyn woke back up again but was still very content.
It's official, she belongs. Now just have to make her legal to live in the Netherlands 
Her face in her passport photo will make us laugh every time we see it for the next 5 years. It looks like a mugshot. 
Someone was not happy when I told her she doesn't get to stay up for the big Packers Patriots game
She really just wanted me to stop taking pictures and give her the boob
Dec 1
8 weeks old at 5580g (12lbs 4oz), 58.5cm (23") long & 37.7cm (14") head circumference which has her well above the average Dutch baby girl. It made our hearts ache today as she cried getting her first vaccinations where she then proceeded to spitup her entire stomach contents all over mommy
Dec 2
This smiley little girl and her momma became truly Dutch today: we biked bundled up together (~7 miles roundtrip) to a luncheon 
Dec 4
Brooklyn loves her daddy 
Christmas Town Valkenburg
She liked watching the video of the fire on the wall while daddy held her
We walked around the town for a little bit. 
Brooklyn did good all bundled up in the stroller again, getting in a little sleep
Dec 5
Zwarte Piet (sorry if you take offense to the traditional Dutch Sinterklaas helper), Jackie and Brooklyn
Dec 6
Cologne Christmas Market
Brooklyn seemed content as we explored the market
Brooklyn was much more alert at this market. I think she knew how good this one was comparatively and wanted to see it all. 
2 months
I simply can't wait until our Christmas cards go out before I share this beautiful photo of our sweet Brooklyn I took recently. Brooklyn wishes everyone a Happy Sinterklaas and St. Nicholas Day! 

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