Sunday, December 21, 2014

Brooklyn's Baptism

Sunday December 21, 2014

After mass before the baptism
getting Brooklyn dressed in her gown, pre-spitup 
getting Brooklyn dressed in her gown, post-spitup
getting Brooklyn dressed in her gown

getting Brooklyn dressed in her gown, bonnet for Grandma, she was not a fan
College friends from Raleigh and their babies
Chrissi & Cait
Chrissi & Jackie with our girls
Deacon David said something funny
Chrissi doing the reading
oil on her chest 
kiss the baby
oil on her forehead 
lighting the baptism candle 
mother blessing
father blessing 
man times have sure changed in the past 3 years 
guys with their babies (minus Noah)
we had twins? 

grandparents & parents 
Chrissi, Ryan & Cait
family (minus those sick) 

godparents & parents 
godmother & mother (sisters) 

Brooklyn conched out on Aunt Starr's lap
Starr, Susie & Brooklyn 
baby swap! 

Jackson & Jackie
Jessie & Madolyn
Girlfriend & boyfriend 2 weeks apart in age
Brooklyn in her Baptismal gown, made by her Grandma & worn by all 3 of her Shugart cousins

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