Monday, January 5, 2015

Brooklyn in December (2 Months)

December 2014

Dec 6
2 months
Storytime with momma
Dec 8
9 weeks old (2 months & 2 days) 
Dec 9
Admiring her quilt handmade by Grandma
Dec 10
Brooklyn smiled back at her own reflection in the mirror today instead of just at mommy's face
Dec 11
Naptime with my 2 girls on this windy rainy day #dutchbrooklyn #scareddoginbed 
Dec 12
Another yucky rainy day = another day for a short nap with Brooklyn before venturing out in this weather
Dec 15
10 weeks old
Dec 16
She has good neck control now so Brooklyn can now enjoy her bumbo
Dec 19
Brooklyn's first flight! Amsterdam to Atlanta
Dec 21
After mass before the baptism 
getting Brooklyn dressed in her gown, pre-spitup
getting Brooklyn dressed in her gown, post-spitup
College friends from Raleigh and their babies
Chrissi & Jackie with our girls
oil on her chest
kiss the baby
oil on her forehead 
man times have sure changed in the past 3 years
guys with their babies (minus Noah)
we had twins? 

grandparents & parents
family (minus those sick) 

godparents & parents
godmother & mother (sisters)

Brooklyn conched out on Aunt Starr's lap
Starr, Susie & Brooklyn
baby swap! 
Girlfriend & boyfriend 2 weeks apart in age
Brooklyn in her Baptismal gown, made by her Grandma & worn by all 3 of her Shugart cousins

Dec 22
11 weeks old (sorry no same sheet & stuffed dog for consistency while we are on vacation in the US) 
Dec 23
Brooklyn attempting to make the Wolfpack sign in her sleep #dutchbrooklyn #gowolfpack #ncstatebaby #wolfpackgirl
Dec 24
Grandma snuggling with Brooklyn on Christmas Eve after too many sick days where she was unable to hold the baby #dutchbrooklyn #grandmalove
Dec 25
Grandma & Brooklyn ready to open presents Christmas morning
Brooklyn was tired from all the Christmas morning excitement
Christmas morning snuggle naps
Brooklyn was laughing at the baby's reflection in the mirror while Grandpa held her before her bath

Merry Christmas! We are truly blessed this year with the best gift, our sweet baby girl! 
May Christ's love live in your hearts this holiday season & throughout the year. 
All Our Love,
Joe, Jackie, Brooklyn and Chance
Dec 26
Grandma & Brooklyn
Dec 27
Girl Cousins

Grandparents with all their grandchildren
Dec 28
Shugarts lovin on Brooklyn on second Christmas morning

Liam being silly with Brooklyn

Cait checking out Brooklyn

More baby investigation
Chrissi holding the 2 girls
Chrissi & Brooklyn
Chrissi, Brooklyn & Ryan
Jackie, Liam & Brooklyn after Mass at Holy Family
Playtime for Brooklyn & Cait
Tummy time is such a workout
Brooklyn & Liam
Brooklyn, the center of attention

Grandma & Brooklyn ready for the Packers game
Grandpa zirberts
Green Bay Packers family
Go Pack Go!
Dec 29
12 weeks old, smiling for silly Grandma
Dec 31
Madolyn saying hello to Brooklyn in Andrews arms
Jan 1
Babies checking each other out 
Matt has his hands full 
Do we have the right babies? 
Elizabeth with Jackson & Brandon with Brooklyn
Jan 3
Brooklyn watching (American) football with Grandpa
Story time before bed. Liam got to hold Brooklyn
Jan 4
The boys lovin on Brooklyn
Mommy & Brooklyn
Brooklyn is getting stronger sitting with some back support

Brooklyn practicing standing
Pretty girl 
Smooches from mommy
Brooklyn was very cooperative for the camera while Aunt Chrissi snapped away
Ryan making Brooklyn laugh

Cousins love 

Getting all the cousins to look good at the same time was a challenge even with 4 cameras going

Cute Liam holding Brooklyn
Sisters with their baby girls in matching outfits

The girls interacting

We missed daddy so we took a selfie for him which Chrissi photo bombed. 
Jan 5
13 weeks old (3 months tomorrow)
Brooklyn is enjoying getting loved on by her family in NC. She is getting very inquisitive now. She stares at her hand processing how it works. She follows noises around her. She smiles and laughs in response to things. She is breastfed and sleeps through the night. 
I introduced Brooklyn to Sad Sam a stuffed dog I played with as a kid 
Such a great time with these 2 girls

Grandma & Cait checking out Brooklyn in the bouncey chair 
Rockin out in the bumbo 

Brooklyn & Chrissi zonked out in practically the same position
Prepping & bundling up the kids for a walk down the street
Cute kids
Out for a walk down the street...
The cutest girls 
Man check out those irresistible cheeks on that baby in the bumbo!
Jan 6
Brooklyn sitting like a big girl in her cousin Cait's high chair
Brooklyn rockin in the bouncey chair
Just sitting down with a good book to read

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