Saturday, September 26, 2015

Brooklyn's 1st Birthday Party

Saturday September 26, 2015

Daddy and the birthday girl
Playing with Brooklyn’s toys
Amy and Clara
Alaina showing Brooklyn how to use her new xylophone
Our Russian friends got Brooklyn a wobbly bell doll
Brooklyn enjoying the new English books from our American neighbors

Duplos from Mom and Dad
Steven, Meghan & Anna
Evgenia, Margo & Maksym

Meghan and Anna
Margo playing with the Russian wobbly bell doll


Anna playing with the string

An attempt to get a photo of all the little girls

Margo is letting us know if that puzzle piece is tasty enough
Brooklyn, the birthday girl 
Cupcake time! 

Yeah I’m one, now hand that over! 
First taste

What’s up? Why are you taking my photo while I eat?

Time for a real bite this time
Mmm chocolate and sugar
She left a decent dent
Brooklyn playing with the Russian wobbly bell doll

Sneaky little girl interested in more cupcakes!
Mmm nom nom
What I can’t grab another one? 
Family picture after Brooklyn’s first birthday party
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