Thursday, September 3, 2015

Stoehrs in the Netherlands

August 29-September 3, 2015

Saturday August 29
Grandpa and Grandma arrived safely to the Netherlands and we explored Amsterdam for a bit 
Warming up to Grandpa in Amsterdam
Magere Brug on the Amstel in Amsterdam 
The Amstel in Amsterdam
Stoehrs along the Amstel in Amsterdam
Grandma and Brooklyn in Amsterdam 
Stoehrs walking along the canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam rowhouses 
Once we got home, we spent some time in the park outside our house.
Brooklyn on the slide with Mom and Grandma 
Brooklyn crawling through the tunnel 

Brooklyn on the slide with Grandpa

Brooklyn learning to walk with Grandpa

Brooklyn playing with Grandma
Brooklyn on the swing

Sunday August 30
We went to English Mass at St Lambertuskerk. 
Before mass, Daddy playing with Brooklyn and Chance 
Brooklyn opened a few of her early first birthday presents from Grandma and Grandpa. 

Monday August 31
Nowadays water pumping station at Kinderdijk

Grandma, Grandpa and granddaughter Brooklyn at Kinderdijk
Grandparents and grandbaby at Kinderdijk
Grandma, Grandpa and Brooklyn at Kinderdijk
Brooklyn riding on Grandpa’s shoulders at Kinderdijk 
Brooklyn loving up at on Grandpa while walking back to the car at Kinderdijk
Next we drove to Delft for lunch. 
Delft City Hall

Grandma and Brooklyn in Delft by Niewe Kerk in the Markt Square
Grandma and Brooklyn in the square by City Hall in Delft 
Brooklyn trying a taste of Grandpa’s vanilla bourbon gelato!

Tuesday Sept 1
Video of Brooklyn walking holding Grandpa's hands

Wednesday Sept 2
Brooklyn wearing Grandpa's reading glasses 
Today Grandpa, Grandma, Jackie and Brooklyn took the train up to Utrecht.
In Utrecht, the canals are lower at basement/cellar level, which makes for some great outdoor restaurant dining at the water level 

We ate lunch at Stadskasteel Oudaen, a restaurant and brewery in a former medieval castle (the tall brick building on the left) 
The Domtoren from Stadhuisbrug in Utrecht 

Domtoren in Utrecht 
Domkerk in Utrecht from Domplein where the nave once stood

Thursday Sept 3
Sharon posted having breakfast with this little sweetheart 
More about the Stoehrs visit can be found in my next post about visiting the Rhine Valley Germany.

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