Saturday, November 19, 2016

GLOW 2016

November 12-19, 2016
Eindhoven's annual light festival

We typically prefer to visit this week-long festival on a weeknight for minimal crowds and for a faster pace with little kids. 
Monday was way cold so we didn't go on the first weeknight. 

We did Round 1 Tuesday night on the City Route in Eindhoven Centrum.
Fantastic Planet, 12m high humanoid figures 
Idioms by Hartung & Trenz on Effenaar (pop music hall by MVRDV from 2005) 

Tunnel of Light by Fontys Electrical Engineering students in 18 Semptemberplein 

Step into the light by Michel Suk 

We did Round 2 Wednesday night on the Science Route on Tu/e campus.
Tu/e bridge lighting bio-based 
Lumiere Tango by Wouter Brave 

Parallax Paradoxon by Starsky 
Cortex Machiine by Tom  Dekyvere

Thursday night Joe went out with some work friends to see the 2 exhibits we missed Tuesday at Catharinakerk and Stadhuis.
Friday night Jackie went out after the kids went down to bed to see the same missed exhibits. We didn't have the patience with 2 small kids to wait 7 minutes until the next viewing on the church and on Tuesday there were technical difficulties at the Stadhuis.

Axioma by Onionlab; a visual spectacle of dots, lines and planes on the Stadhuis (city hall), a crowd favorite 

Labyrinth of Passion by Les Orpailleurs de Lumiere ; displayed on Catharinakerk; based on Jheronimus Bosch' bizarre pictorials in commemoration of his death 500 years ago; loved their work 2 years of dancing figures on 2 villas on Parklaan 

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