Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wallingford, Gasworks, Fremont & Ballard Locks

Saturday September 10, 2011

We had a slow start to the morning after eating Wes’s sausage gravy and biscuits. Our first stop was at Bottleworks in Wallingford so Jason could pick up some beers he can’t typically find in his neck of the woods. That was an eye-opener. The man loves his beer, no matter the price. Afterwards I made everyone go across the street to Trophy Cupcakes. Molly Moon’s wasn’t open yet for ice cream and I’ve been dying to try the best cupcakes in Seattle (debatable since there are 2 other top notch cupcake bakers). Joe was really excited he convinced the store clerk to give us the cupcake that fell over and was no longer pretty enough to sell. I’m glad too since it meant more cupcake for me! The cupcake shop was in cute old historic public school lined with other small specialty stores.
Next we drove down to Gasworks Park. I’m still in love with this houseboat.
There were a lot of standing paddleboarders out on Lake Union as well as kayakers.

Lake Union and downtown Seattle from Gasworks Park.

Gasworks Park.

Aurora Bridge and Fremont Cut.
We did a quick drive-by the Fremont Troll.

We were getting hungry for lunch so we went to Ray’s Café overlooking the Puget Sound.
Ballard Locks.

A school of salmon couldn’t figure out how to get into the fish ladder.
Fish ladder. That is one big salmon!

Railroad Bridge and boats entering the locks.

Botanical Gardens. I was making fun of Wes about taking pictures of flowers, but then I ended up really enjoying being able to do this since Joe usually can’t stand it.

Next we went to Fremont Brewery. This was another letdown since they didn’t have any dark beers for the guys. We had a few tasters in the brew garage space.
Next we headed to Brouwer’s Café, thinking of the 64 beers they tout on tap, they will for sure have what the guys were looking for. No such luck. It was Hop Fest. Nothing but malty hop beers on tap.

Joe made everyone some Chinese food for dinner while we watched the replay of the NCSU vs Wake Forest game on the internet.

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