Saturday, August 3, 2013

Foam Fest

Saturday August 3, 2013

Joe and I signed up to run this 5K Foam Fest mud run obstacle race in early summer. It ended up looking like Joe needed to be out of town for work so I asked my friend and coworker Jamie Morin to do the race with me in Issaquah at the Lake Sammamish State Park. It turned out Joe was in town so he came to root us on and take pictures/make fun of us.

Me and Jamie pre-race while we were still clean 

And the foam fest begins 

There are over 15+ obstacles throughout the course.

The foam was air mixed with less than 1% of foam solution. They recommended not to inhale, ingest or or get foam in your eyes. You had to make sure to hold your breath and keep your mouth closed when going down the slides.

The first obstacle was a bouncy house clogged with people trying to get through the foam tunnels that towered well above our heads. There was a foot of water in the bottom. Only about a half a mile in and we had soggy shoes to run in.

There was a 5 foot climbing wood slat wall.

A few dodging obstacles.

Some trip wire.

A spider web forest.

The highlight obstacle was the electric mud crawl. Jamie crawled down the middle of the mud puddle first where there were less people and less depth of muck. 

Joe begged me to crawl through the side closest to him. Come to find out it was because he wanted me in the deepest part. Unfortunately the people in front of me were slow mud crawlers so I had to fight back moving forward so that I wouldn’t get a muddy foot in my face. 

Joe took a video of me crawling out the end of the mud puddle 
....the blog seems to be having trouble uploading the video. You can find it on his Facebook page.
Just a little muddy that weighed a ton! 

Time to scrape off as much mud as we can before continuing the race. 

We survived the electric mud crawl! I went all in and went straight army man crawl. 
Next up for aqua lily pads. They were foam pads in the lake that you ran across. It was a great location to get mud off and race each other across the lake.

Then there was a 8 foot climbing wood slat wall and a 20 foot slip and slide.

There we got to the 30 foot tall slide. There was an hour long line waiting because one slide was shut down. We decided to not wait and take a $10 voucher off the race next year.

We did the cargo net climb rope ladder, a bouncy ball attack obstacle, and a moon walk.

Joe found us again as we got close to the finish line. 
A little foam in the bouncy house to clean before the end 

50 foot slip and slide at the end. Jackie got the super sudsy side and couldn’t open her mouth or see to make it to the finish line 

Race finishers. We got a little foamy 
Photo op time at the finish 

Tall person problems as Jamie calls it. Yeah Jackie is 5’-8”, Jamie is 6’-1”! 
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