Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mount Dickerman

Saturday August 17, 2013

Mount Dickerman: 3728 foot elevation gain over 4.3 miles to the summit and then back down. Challenge accepted! Super tired after that hike, but the 360 view of the Cascades Mountains made up for it!

Mount Dickerman is located off the Mountain Loop Highway with its peak at 5723 feet.

There sure were a lot of switchbacks up. 
Starting to get up in elevation 

Trail wildflowers
Finally made it to the flat alpine meadow 

Here is when we realized the lady that said we were close was wrong. We were real close to the meadow, but this view made it clear we were not anywhere near the summit. We still had 1 mile to go 1000 feet above. 
Climbing again, looking south toward Big Four, Del Campo and countless Monte Cristo peaks.

We are finally high enough in elevation to see the Big Four Ice Caves at the mountain base. 

Stunning view to the south to Big Four, Del Campo and countless Monte Cristo peaks.

Sad man unhappy with how “rough” this climb was for us 
Mt Forgotten and Mt Pugh to the north 

Mountain view north 

Hey there cutie! 
My man on top of the world 

East view of Pugh, Sloan and Glacier 

The mountain views never get old. 

Jackie on top of Mount Dickerman 

It’s a long way down. 
I’m glad we left Chance at home for this hike. She would have made me very nervous on the edge of the mountainside.

Joe & Jackie atop Mount Dickerman 
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