Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ultrasound 19 weeks

January 27, 2016

We had our 19 week ultrasound today at the Diagnostiek Voor U in Eindhoven. These anomaly scans are always the most nerve-racking. One the one hand you are so excited to see images of your child and possibly find out the gender, but on the other you worry what they will see and if they are truly growing into healthy babies in utero. 
With Brooklyn we had a 20 week ultrasound in Everett, WA before Jackie finished working (so Jackie was still covered on her work health insurance plan) and before we moved to the Netherlands a mere days later... (
Once we arrived in the Netherlands and had all our residency and health insurance set up, our midwife said they wanted to do another echo/scan to be safe and check things themselves. Jackie was around 23 weeks at that point. We were more than happy to get another peek at our baby. (

Today this baby was not as cooperative for this ultrasound. They had their legs above their head most of the time making it hard to get good angles of everything they needed to check. But we are glad to say that all looks good so far for the health of the baby. The lip was fully enclosed. There were 4 functioning heart ventricles. The stomach was measuring a little bigger than it should at first but after finally getting a better angle, the measurements came up to within a day or 2 of the June 20 expected due date. We were very relieved. We have a happy and healthy looking baby so far!
Here are a few of the good shots they saved for us:
head with face profile and feet above 
face profile
face straight on, barely seen between legs

Unlike in the US where we were able to see a 4D image of Brooklyn's face at 19 weeks, it costs additional to get a separate 4D scan which are done by independent companies that normally are not covered by insurance. 

We have officially found out the gender of the baby today which we have shared personally with some of the family and friends. I will do a separate blog post to make that official announcement on whether we are having a boy or another girl. Sorry I will not be posting that ultrasound image of our little girl's lady bits or our man's manhood for the whole world to see. Some things must remain private :)

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