Saturday, February 6, 2016

Carnaval Eindhoven 2016

Saturday February 6, 2016

Wednesday for playgroup Brooklyn and Jackie wore their handmade (aka cheap) crayon costumes. Not the best photo of Brooklyn, but the best I took of her in her costume. 
It looked much better Wednesday than on Saturday where it was over her puffy pink coat.
On Saturday we went to Eindhoven Centrum to watch the Lampegat Parade on Kerksestraat. 
Brooklyn & Daddy watching the Eindhoven Carnival Parade
Mommy & Brooklyn at the Eindhoven Carnival Parade
Eindhoven Carnaval Parade

Eindhoven Carnaval Parade (yes that is a real man in the birds mouth) 
Eindhoven Carnaval Parade

Selfie watching the Eindhoven Carnaval Parade

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